A selection of recent clients

Over the last 10 years we have worked with an eclectic mix of organisations. Some are large multi nationals, other were small startups and SME's, a number of not-for-profits and charities as well as commerical organisations. Please find a selction of recent clients below.

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Reflex Managed Offices

Reflex turned to Rise to improve their Search Engine Optimisation. We have been managing their campaign for over 18 months with the volume of traffic coming to the site still increasing month on month. 

The London Office Space market is obviously a competitive one and many of Reflex's direct competitors online are large serviced office organisations (Regus, MWBEX, Avanta etc.) with comparatively large websites.

However after careful keyword research and analysis of the competitor sites we identified a number of niche key phrases that not only suited Reflex's managed office business but were also relatively "open" to targeting.

  • Power of Google Places

    Another tactic that proved extremely effective was the set-up and optimisation of Google Business Listings. We were able to set these up for the majority of office locations, dramatically increasing the exposure for highly targeted terms.

    This effectively places the Reflex Solutions Website at the very top of the listings for terms they may have otherwise struggled to compete on. The result of this was over 100,000 impressions and over 4000 additional visitors to the website in a 6 month period.

  • Organic Traffic Increase 550%

    Google Places Visitors 4000+

    #1 Rankings for Office Related Terms

    Location Landing Pages Created

    Google Places Integration