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Over the last 10 years we have worked with an eclectic mix of organisations. Some are large multi nationals, other were small startups and SME's, a number of not-for-profits and charities as well as commerical organisations. Please find a selction of recent clients below.

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The Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre offers home-based tuition for children from as young as 4, up the age of 17. The materials offered are an alternative to having a tutor come to your home, and the courses have been designed to mirror the way children are taught in school.

The Student Support Centre was established in 1991 and are now the largest provider of home-tuition programmes in the UK. 

The Student Support Centre reviews each child individually and decides a comprehensive course of study, based on their strengths and weaknesses in Maths, English and Reading. The programmes may be a more cost effective alternative to private tutors.

The Student Support Centre has 8 business locations around the country and have helped over 200,000 students boost their skills and confidence.

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